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Whats all the Turmeric buzz about? This member of the familiar ginger root has a lot to offer. Over 40000 research studies support Turmerics potential as a way to reduce inflammation enhance recovery and support immunity. The secret lies in Turmerics key ingredient which is CURCUMIN. At ZYN we pack every bottle of our Turmeric drinks with no less than 200 milligrams of CURCUMIN. Thats about the equivalent of 15 Turmeric roots. To help your body better absorb the CURCUMIN we also add Piperine which is what gives black pepper its signature spiciness. To top off the potential health benefits and overall flavor profile of Lemon Ginger ZYN weve left out the added sugars youll find in other beverages while fortifying our proprietary recipe with extra vitamins C and D. The result is a recovery drink that will dazzle your taste buds from the first sip to the last.

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